Friday, January 26, 2007

An Epworth League Cover from 1899

This interesting cover (click on the picture for a larger version) was posted in Los Angeles, California on February 7, 1899. It is a printed cover for the Second Annual Epworth League Assembly and School of Methods due to be held on February 21-24 in Los Angeles. It is addressed to Canada and the reverse bears a Toronto receipt cancel of February 12, 1899 and an Epworth League Assembly cachet:

The Epworth League (named after the Wesleys' birthplace) was an organization of the young people of the Methodist Episcopal Church, formed in 1889 at Cleveland, Ohio, USA, by the combination of five young people's organizations then existing. The purpose of the league was the promotion of "intelligent and vital piety" among the young people of the church. The League existed in both the Northern and Southern branches of the Methodist Episcopal denomination and also in the Methodist church of Canada.

The membership of the Senior branch in the Methodist Episcopal Church North in 1913 was 593,465, and of the junior branch 218,509. In the Methodist Episcopal Church South there were, in 1913, 3,846 chapters of the league, with 133,797 members. The headquarters of the Northern League was in Chicago and its magazine was the Epworth Herald. The magazine of the Southern branch was the Epworth Era, published monthly at Nashville, Tennessee. The League's motto was "Look Up, Lift Up".

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