Monday, May 28, 2007

Montserrat Charles Wesley issue 18 December 2007

MPS Cover Service Secretary Ronnie MacMillan writes to confirm that a miniature sheet containing 4 stamps will be issued on 18 December 2007:

"I have seen a copy and it will be a joy to add to our collections! Three portraits of Charles, with the fourth stamp showing Bethany Methodist Church. Sheet music for Hark the Herald Angels Sing is shown in the margins. Only the miniature sheet is being issued, no stamps! The portraits are, The lily, c. 1735, artist unknown; John Russell c. 1771; and the 1786 engraving by Jonathon Spilsbury.

As far as my contact in Montserrat knows, no other Caribbean nations are commemorating this event."

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Unknown said...

Is the Society still operating in 2018, & do you run a Club packet box, do you require a vendor